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Baby Trig’s magical emporium

Posted by W.R. Hearst on June 25, 2009

Courtesy this thread from SomethingAwful.


14 Responses to “Baby Trig’s magical emporium”

  1. […] yes, if Glossolalia Black hadn’t sent us some funny photos of Sarah Palin and Trig being photoshopped we never would have found this […]

  2. […] Publicious Links: The Bailin’ Palin Edition Posted on July 7, 2009 by Mike Rankin If you somehow were able to pry yourself away from the wall-to-wall, King of Pop coverage this week, you may have noticed a little news item: Sarah Palin is quitting her job as Alaska governor. There’s plenty of speculation about her motives (run for higher office, impending scandal), but the main reason she cited was to protect her family from mean-spirited attacks. Specifically, she cited the straw that broke the camel’s back was a Photoshop job done to her son, Trig. Initially, it was a pretty innocuous bit of satire about a right-wing radio jock on a blog called Celtic Diva. It wasn’t even directed at Palin or her family. But when Palin got so upset, calling it a “malicious desecration,” well, that was like pouring gasoline on the fire. A meme was born. Now every pixel jockey with a copy of Photoshop was replacing Trig’s face with just about anything you can imagine. […]

  3. Chris said

    What a bunch of hypocrites they are to get all strung out about Trig’s “photo” – Has any single one of them complained about the racist “photo” of Michelle Obama that appears any time you google her image? Of course not. Michelle is a class act. Even though she’s the First Lady she puts up with it.

    Sarah Palin is just taking it out on the world that she chose to have a kid at 45 when she was too old – and Trig was the result. It’s her own fault that Trig has DS.

    • Mrs. Taylor said

      theres QUITE a difference between making fun of an ADULT politician, and making fun of their innocent children. People who think its ok to behave this way, well… imagine if that were YOUR child. Not so funny then is it???

    • Heidi said

      Making fun of an infant that has to grow up seeing this makes me ashamed to be a democrat. Pick on some one your own size!

  4. Janice said

    This is disgusting !!! How dare you make fun of a child. You are one sick person, with no compassion or soul. Grow up, and act like an adult….

  5. conservativecult said

    What if I’m not an adult.

    What then, hmm?

    • Janice said

      Well, the majority of children I know have compassion for special needs children, and take up for them. Now what is your excuse? Did you not learn the golden rule, treat others the way you would want to be treated ?? I bet your parents are very proud of you. Have you shown them these photo’s?? How do you sleep at night???

  6. You Are Sick said

    You are one sick person.

  7. Marilyn K said

    wow this is bad…very bad

  8. Osama said

    Hahaha that’s some amazing stuff :D

  9. […] Sasha Obama ever been photoshopped like this? Has David Letterman made jokes about Malia Obama getting “knocked up” by a  […]

  10. M said

    You R SICK!

  11. Sam said

    No one has the right to do such an outrageous thing, and to a child, solely for the purpose of making the mother look bad for political reasons. You are such a sick and disgusting person. keep your politics away from the family people. no one attacks obamas baby girls, but its okay to distort Sarah Palin’s child? I think not people. we live in america, we have to right to express ourselves in so many constructive, amazing ways. do not lower yourself to picking on children, its like slapping america in the face.

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